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Dr. Justin Irving

PhD, MDiv, MBA

Director, Doctor of Ministry
Director, Work with Purpose

Professor of Ministry Leadership

Bethel University, St. Paul, MN

Speaking and Consulting

Areas of Expertise

01. Faith-Work Integration

Dr. Irving is the Director of the Work with Purpose Initiative at Bethel University. The initiative helps students, church leaders, and Christians in the marketplace consider how faith and work are informed from biblical and theological perspectives. More on the Work with Purpose Initiative​ may be found here.


02. Servant Leadership & Team Effectiveness

Dr. Irving is among a group of early researchers helping take the field of servant leadership studies from theory to empirical investigation. His dissertation focused on the relationship between servant leadership and the effectiveness of teams, and he has gone on to examine servant leadership in diverse organizations and cultural contexts.


03. Intercultural Leadership

Serving as an effective leader necessitates understanding intercultural competence in leadership. Dr. Irving has engaged intercultural leadership in a variety of contexts including research, writing, teaching, and personal intercultural work with the US and around the world.   

04. Purpose in Leadership

Most individuals understand that purpose and meaning matter in life. What others may not know is that it contributes to effective leadership as well. Dr. Irving has a passion for helping leaders and organizational members understand why purpose matters, and what the research literature says about the topic as well.